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Republicans Newest Claim: Obama Outsourced NASA

Mitt Romney has been plagued, rightfully so, by claims that he and his colleagues have enriched themselves by taking over failing companies, bankrupting them, and then outsourcing those jobs. Their reaction to this is to flip the argument and claim President Obama is actually the “outsourcer in chief.” There newest example of this is NASA. On Monday former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu went on CNN’s Soledad O’Brien to make this point.  

“You want to talk outsourcing?” Sununu asked Ms. O’Brien. “Let’s go back to the Solyndra, Fisker, BrightSource, First Wind — all of the grants that were given to cronies, to people who bundled, to people who contributed to Obama. In fact, we had an event yesterday that wasn’t well reported. We launched a U.S. astronaut up to the space station. But you know how she was launched? She was launched on a Russian spacecraft because President Obama has outsourced a major portion of the U.S. space program to the Russians. So, let’s stop playing games with this outsourcing distortion.” 

Earlier in the day, Drudge Report, a conservative blog, broke this “ghastly story.” The headline read “OUTSOURCED IN SPACE: NASA SENDS ASTRONAUT ON RUSSIAN ROCKET.” This headline was linked to a story by Andrew Malcolm of Investors Business Daily, which called the mission “real Obama outsourcing.”

What any of these Romney surrogates failed to mention is that it was under President Bush who on January 14, 2004 at the NASA Headquarters announced the retirement of the shuttle program. He spoke about the “New Vision for Space Exploration Program.” It was scheduled to end in 2010, however, President Obama extended it until 2011 for two extra missions.  

Another example of how facts are just not that important to Republicans.