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Conspiracy Theory: Villain In Batman Movie Called Bane — Is This An Accident?

Yes, the crazy Republicans are getting even crazier.  You didn’t think it could happen, and frankly I am now passed the stage of surprise when they come out with these theories. 

Rush Limbaugh is now theorizing that the villain in the new Batman movie whose name is Bane may have been planned in order to hurt Mitt Romney.  Last night Rachel Maddow took on this latest conspiracy theory, and in her usual witty, mocking fashion she nails it making the far right look even more crazy. 

Also, just for fun I wanted to throw this picture in the post.  I found this at   


NAACP Booed Mitt Romney For Calling On Repeal of Obamacare

I wonder if Romney realized who his audience was when speaking at the NAACP convention. Did he think he was at the Koch brothers fundraiser in the Hampton’s, one of the three he attended over the weekend? Because it is hard to image why he would call for a complete repeal of the Affordable Care Act to an audience whose majority of constituents would benefit from it.  

He also told the audience that he would “support traditional marriage” I assume forgetting that the NAACP came out in support of same-sex marriage a few months back. 

Yet again, more examples of just how out of touch this man is. I think it is safe to say he failed at making any headway in gaining support from the people attending. Nice try though, Willard!

Right-Wingers Who Believe Obama Killed Breitbart

Here for some comic relief — the Tea Party.  Just when you thought the right-wing couldn’t get more crazy, here comes this.  The never surprising Tea Party members are speculating that President Obama had something to do with Andrew Breitbart’s death believing that the President was “afraid” of new information he was reportedly getting ready to release. 

Thanks to Buzz Feed, they have compiled a list of some off-the-rocker tweets from people who believe Obama took time away from dealing with things like the wars, Israel, Iran and the Middle East, the jobs crisis, etc, to take out their favorite right-wing nut.  See the entire list here.     

Hate Groups Represented at Republican’s 2012 CPAC Conference

The Conservative Political Action Conference presently going in DC is what some describe as the “Woodstock” for Republicans. It is a very family friendly event and sponsored by many types of organizations. There was a dust-up last year though when one of the sponsors was GOProud, a gay conservative group. Because of their participation, there were several organizations that chose to withdraw from the event. 

Numerous prominent organizations, including the Heritage Foundation, Family Research Council, the American Family Association, and the Media Research Council, among others, joined a boycott organized by the American Principles Project, which said GOProud stood in “diametrical opposition” to core principles of the conservative movement. Senator Jim DeMint also announced he was boycotting the conference. Mike Huckabee declined to attend the 2010 and 2011 conferences, citing his concern that because of the inclusion of GOProud. 

At the same time they were opposing participation of pro-gay conservative groups, beginning in 2010 they did allow The John Birch Society back into the conference. If you are not familiar with them, in the past they have opposed things like the civil rights movement. 

I have been reading about this year’s lineup and the various presentations that will be given, and I was surprised to see that the lineup includes many leaders/founders of hate groups. It has been apparent that with the rise of the Tea Party, the Republican party has been forced to move more to the right, but the fact that they are now openly welcoming these type of individuals tells me just how radicalized this party is becoming. I have listed some of the participants and presentations that will be given below. You can view the entire list of events here.    

Hard-line conservative participants. 

Peter Brimelow, founder of VDARE, a race-baiting hate group that warns against the pollution of America by non-whites, Catholics, and Spanish-speaking immigrants. Brimelow, an unabashed white nationalist who argues that white Americans should demand U.S. immigration law be changed to allow in mostly whites.   

Bob Vandervoort.  Vandervoort is an executive director of ProEnglish—an English-Only outfit founded by John Tanton. He was also the organizer of the white nationalist group, Chicagoland Friends of American Renaissance .  

Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney.  In 2011 he called for the resurrection of the McCarthy-era House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) – this time to target Muslims.    

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, who among other things spreads the lie that pedophilia is “a homosexual problem,” gave an untitled presentation.  

Pam Geller of the anti-Muslim hate group Stop Islamization of America (SIOA). Geller is a birther who made a spectacle of herself last Thanksgiving when she accused Butterball Turkey of “stealth jihad,” and last month crossed yet another line by celebrating the U.S. soldiers who were caught on video urinating on dead Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

Robert Spencer, a member of SIOA. HE is an entirely self-taught “expert” in the study of modern Islam and the Koran. His writings were cited dozens of times in the manifesto of Anders Breivik, the terrorist who slaughtered 77 people in Norway.   

Kris Kobach, authored a series of draconian, anti-immigrant “enforcement-only” laws, including Arizona’s S.B.1070 and Alabama’s H.B. 56.  

Presentations that will be given. 

The Failure of Multiculturalism: How the pursuit of diversity is weakening the American Identity.  Sponsored by: ProEnglish 

Nullification: The Rightful Remedy  
Presented by the Tenth Amendment Center and Foundation For A Free Society 

Sneak Peak of “Runaway Slave” Documentary with C.L. Bryant – Wilson C 
Sponsored by FreedomWorks 

Rules for Radicals – Wilson A 
Sponsored by the Leadership Institute 

Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America – Conservative Book Nook 
Book signing with Author Ann Coulter 

Islamic Law in America: How the Obama Justice Department Is Selling Us Out – McKinley Red Carpet Event  

Special Session – Nullification Documentary Q/A – Harding 
Sponsored by: The Tenth Amendment Center and the Foundation for a Free Society 

The 10th Amendment vs. Centralized Power: Thomas Jefferson vs Barack Obama – Harding 
Sponsored by: The Tenth Amendment Center and the Foundation for a Free Society 

Special Preview Reception of Jeffrey Bell’s new book: The Case for Polarized Politics: Why America Needs Social Conservatism  – Taylor 

Why are U.S. taxpayers spending billions to promote abortion and homosexuality worldwide? – Wilson C 
Sponsored by: Human Life International 

Tea Party Patriots: The Second American Revolution – Conservative Book Nook 
Book signing with Author Mark Meckler & Jenny Beth Martin

Republicans — A Party of Ebenezer Scrooges

In Bill Maher’s latest list of rules he compares the Republicans to Ebenezer Scrooge. In my opinion, it is not much of a stretch. If you have been keeping track of the political debates and stump speeches by the GOP presidential candidates, their views and ideas are so radical they are almost laughable. 

Here are some of their ideas for privatizing Social Security and Medicare….I guess they think we have forgotten all about that whole Wall-Street-created financial collapse thing in 2008. 

MITT ROMNEY: He pushed for the creation of Social Security personal accounts three separate times. In his 2010 book No Apology, he stated “individual retirement accounts would encourage more Americans to invest in the private sector that powers our economy.” Great idea…..we would be bankrupt after the 2008 financial crisis.

MICHELE BACHMANN: : Last year Bachmann said young workers “need to have some options in their life, so that going forward they can have ownership for their own Social Security, their own retirement, something they can pass on to the beneficiary of their choice.”

RON PAUL: During one of the presidential debates, he stated, “What I would like to do is to allow all the young people to get out of Social Security and go on their own!”

RICK SANTORUM: He launched his 2012 presidential campaign by declaring that he supports the President George W. Bush’s style of privatization accounts.

HERMAN CAIN: During the Tea Party debate, he stated “I support a personal retirement system option in order to phase [out] the current system. We know that this works.”

NEWT GINGRICH: He supported the House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s plan to create personal accounts.  

If that isn’t enough to scare you, the candidates have called for ending student loans, turning Medicare into a voucher program, repealing the “burdensome” regulations passed for Wall Street and the oil and gas industry, repealing the Affordable Care Act, and completely doing away with government entities such as the Department of Education and the EPA.

It should be noted that all of these proposals have received HUGE applause from the crowds. After listening to these guys, it makes you wonder are there any rational Republicans out there.

The video is below…enjoy!!

Koch Brothers Stranglehold On Our Politics — Documentary On The #Kochs

If you need more reasons why Occupy Wall Street supporters have taken to the streets, this documentary is loaded with them.

This documentary goes into the long history of political influence and funding Koch Industries and the Koch brothers have had and the effect of their lobbying through ALEC and lobbying firms.  

Lee Fang, one of the people interviewed, is an investigative reporter with Think Progress. He has been investigating the “web of influence” of the Koch brothers on state and federal politicians. The film touches on the Koch role in everything from health care to energy policy. 

The video is about 24 minutes but is well worth a watch. Below the video, you will see that I have transcribed some of the significant findings that this documentary uncovered about the Koch brothers.   

  • Koch hold 2 meetings a year attended by people who fund the right-wing movement and right-wing politicians. Attendees of Koch meetings are sworn to secrecy.   
  • Koch and their partners spent $40 million in the 2010 elections. 
  • Koch brothers essentially oppose everything since the New Deal. 
  • The Koch’s expect to spend more than $200 million dollars to defect Obama next year.  
  • They have created a web of influence that stretches from State Houses all the way to the halls of Congress.  
  • Koch brothers gave birth to the Tea Party. American for Prosperity was founded and funded by Kochs. They were the first to organize Tea Party rallies. When the Tea Party movement began they consistently denied that they were a part of it but eventually it became impossible to deny because you could just connect all the dots.  
  • They organized the “Hands off my Healthcare” movement. 
  • AFP has 33 state chapters.  
  • ALEC is another group that brings corporate lobbyists and conservative legislators to draft model laws. The anti-union laws passed represent model legislation by ALEC the fact of which they try to keep under wraps.  
  • At the ALEC meetings they vote on drafted legislation that then are used in State House legislation and eventually get passed into law but the lawmakers do not let that fact be known. 
  • The voter ID legislation passed throughout the states this year were based on an ALEC written preapproved bill. The legislations passed are constructed to restrict voting in by minorities, students, and the elderly.  
  • The Koch brothers are using their money to buy State elections. It is actually a lot cheaper to buy State elections than it is for the U.S. Congress.  
  • Since 1998 Greenpeace has traced over $50 million that Koch has sent to various front groups and think tanks in D.C. and around the country who have run various elements of a campaign against global warming policy or against the science of global warming. 
  • The think tank The Cato Institute was founded by Koch Industries. Cato Institute receives about 40% of their funding from fossil fuel industries. 
  • The Koch’s have spent upwards of $50 million since 2006 on lobbyists. They are now the largest funder of campaigns within the oil and gas sector exceeding Exxon, Chevron.  
  • In 2010 the Koch’s contributed to 62 of the 87 new members of Congress.  
  • After the 2010 election, David Koch was one of the first people to visit the newly elected Speaker Boehner’s office.  
  • Koch brothers are suspected of being responsible for a large amount of the speculation in the oil and gas market, which is a leading reason for high gas/oil prices.

New Fox Poll — They Are Failing to Scare Their Viewers

Over the last decade, Fox News has been successful in their smear campaign against Democrats. Since the 2008 election, they have played the main role along with the GOP representatives to demonize Democrats and Obama and promote discourse in our country not seen in generations.

People of moderate views have been stunned to see the not-so-subtle race baiting techniques they have used the results of which could be seen in full view at the Tea Party rallies.  

Well Fox has just come out with a poll they themselves conducted from October 23rd to the 25th. It included 904 live telephone interviews with registered voters. I can only imagine that the news room at Fox was a bit surprised by the results.  

One of the answers they asked: What would your reaction be if [insert candidate here] were to become the next president? Possible answers: enthusiastic, pleased, neutral, displeased, and scared. The results showed that some people were a little frightened.  

  • Twenty-nine percent of those polled by Fox said they would be “scared” if Obama were re-elected.  
  • Twenty-one percent said the same about Texas Gov. Rick Perry, 18 for businessman Herman Cain and 14 for former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney. 
  • The surprising finding was that a combined 37 percent said they would be “enthusiastic” and “pleased” if the president were to get a second term, while Romney only saw 21 percent in that group, Cain 23 and Perry 17.  

Could it be that Fox is losing ground on its smear campaign against Obama? Now I am not going to be naïve about the significance of the results — after all it is just a single poll — but figuratively speaking, tearing down the brick wall that is Fox News starts with one brick and before you know it will come tumbling down.  

It is worth noting that negativity against Fox is growing at a remarkable level (to include News Corp), and with the loss of the importance of the Tea Party movement and their ability to dictate political discussion, Fox could be at the beginning of self destruction….one can only hope!