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Robbing Rainbows To Make You Gay

I came across this pic at and it seemed appropriate after the victory yesterday bringing California one step closer to legalize gay marriage.  I wonder if the GOP would insist on guarding all rainbows to cure “the gay thing.” 

FYI — love that this product will give you “gayer garments.”  

How times have changed :-). 


Veteran Stands Up for Gay Soldier Booed at Previous GOP Debate

Have you heard about the guy that shouted out during the presidential debate at Dartmouth College? The guy’s name is Andrew Vera of Hanover, and he is an Iraq Veteran. He spoke up Tuesday night right after Rick Santorum finished speaking about restoring “American values.” 

Mr. Vera emailed his reason for interrupting the debate to The Patch Network, a New Hampshire-based news organization. “I said, ‘Yeah right, you say you want American Values back in the American Family, then where were you when they booed the gay soldier during the last debate,'”   “Let’s get real. As an Iraq Veteran, I think it’s pitiful.” “As they pulled me out, I screamed, ‘don’t taze me, don’t taze me.” 

He said he was cited for disorderly conduct and released. “No regrets at all,” Vera says. “I served in the US Navy, in support and defense of the constitution. It’s a living document.” 

Vera, a Dartmouth College graduate, said he respects the law and that an act of civil disobedience was owing to his pride in serving in the military.

GOP: A Party of Homophobes

>Alan Simpson, former Senator of Wyoming, was interviewed by Chris Matthews on Monday and took on his own party and their stance on both abortion and gay and lesbian issues. 

On abortion, he said male legislators shouldn’t even vote on the issue because it is an “intimate and personal decision” that a woman makes.  On gays and lesbians, he said he isn’t “sticking with people who are homophobic and anti-women, moral values.” 

Thank goodness there is a Republican with some common sense.