I am currently a resident of Seattle (suburbs).  I grew up along the gulf coast in Mobile, Alabama.  My parents were both blue collar workers, my mother a teacher and father an electrician.  Because of unions, they were able to provide for my brother and I and give us a chance to make a better life for ourselves. 

I am a 2 time cancer survivor (cervical cancer and metastatic melanoma).  Thanks to living a very healthy life, other than wine, which I will not give up (in moderation….smile), to date I am as healthy as a horse and thankful to be here. 

I would love to hear from you guys.  If you want to share your story or you find a story in the news that isn’t getting the publicity it should, let me know and I would be happy to help get it out there. 

Email:  thebluestates.angeliaws@gmail.com
Twitter:  twitter.com/AngeliaWS
YouTube Page:  http://www.youtube.com/user/AngeliaWS


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  1. Hey Angela,

    Really great blog and great writing too! The corporate disease still spreads its virus to the elite and it’s not much different here in UK. Current govt blame last govt (who were leftish but not left enough for me) for collapse in the economy thanks to mainly right wing greedy bastards in the finanacial sector and at the head of large private companies. As usual the residue of Financial collapse are the poor who get the blame for being poor.

    I was a blue collar boy working on construction sites and other jobs considered low skilled before I went to night school and then University. Still kind of bumming around doing different things but my passion for fighting injustice and exploitation of the poor has never left me.

    Great to hear you’re in good health given what you’ve been through and maybe you’re meant to be here to continue your great work.

    Keep up the fight the bullets will run out long before the words.

    Take Care

    Pop (Jim)

    • Nice to meet you, Pop! Thank you for your kind words.

      You are very right about the financial sector and big corporations and the power they have. I think that although each country is dealing with our individual issues with these corporations, it has become a world problem. There are a select few who run these corporations and they are in every country and they all have our politicians on their payroll (banks/oil companies 2 of the biggest criminals).

      This world is turning into a haves versus the have nots. Over here in the US, since the 2008 financial collapse, what little we have done to try and reform the system and reinstitute strict regulations is having little effect and the banks area already trying to undo these regulations. Many economists are saying we are heading for an even bigger collapse.

      Congratulations on your school accomplishments. It sounds like you have set yourself up allowing yourself to have versatility in your career options. That is such a great thing to do in this climate. Job security is hard to come by these days. I wish you the best!!

      It is so nice to meet you. It would be great to keep in touch. I have noted your email and mine is thebluestates@comcast.net.

      You take care as well,

  2. Angela,

    I found your blog, because you…well…found mine. The only thing we both probably agree on is climate change, but I enjoy hearing your perspective nonetheless. I am going to add you to my lefty blog roll, because I think you have produce a great product.


    • I am happy you stopped by. I happened to come across your blog and you have great things to say. There is a value in engaging with people who have different views and debating our differences. I look forward to following your writing.

      Take Care!

  3. Hi Angela,

    I’m glad to have found your blog and completely agree with your views and priority. The more I learn, the more liberal my views have become. I was never especially political, but in 2003 I couldn’t understand why we were going to war. I was first compelled to learn why. Determined to be informed and not gullible, I consumed all media for answers, unaware of the bias and agendas of media sources. As an engineer, my opinions, for the most part, are based on factual data. It didn’t take long to determine that Fox News does not deal in facts, and that Republican pols do not deal in truth.

    My background is similar to your own, except I grew up in Chicago and now live in Los Angeles. Your beating cancer twice is really inspirational! I’ve had a full career and co-founded and sold a startup company. A chronic childhood spinal cord injury has progressed to the point of leaving me disabled a couple years ago (now 50). My wife is also disabled with a spine injury, so we look forward to those rare days when we are both having “a good day” to go out.

    Thank you for your efforts! We’ll keep up the fight!
    Take care,

    • It is nice to meet you! I am so glad you found my site. I have always been an opinionated person (which drives my mother crazy) when it comes to politics and wanted to get my views out there to engage others on both sides of the isle and debate the issues. You are right about Fox. I have a lot of friends and family in Mobile, AL so I am constantly butting heads with them about things they hear on Fox and on conservative radio (conservatives rule the south).

      Healthwise, I have been very fortunate. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer at 6 years of age and after I beat that remained healthy throughout my life without other issues until I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma at age 26. I successfully beat that and since then fortunately, knock on wood, I continue to remain healthy. It sounds like you and your wife have had your own health issues to battle, but it sounds like you guys are perservering against them. That is wonderful!

      I am so glad to have met you. Thanks again for stopping by. I hope we can keep in touch.
      You guys take care.

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  5. Please check your spam folder….you have been presented with the Versatile Blogger Award.

  6. HI Angela,

    Just wanted to say that I think your site is amazing, and I’ve added you to my blogroll.

  7. Enjoy and appreciate your blog.
    Obama, 2012
    Eric, in Port Townsend, home of the Gray Hair people

  8. Bravo! Just found your blog. Here on the Vashon ‘rock’ we overwhelmingly share your views. Glad you’re bloggin’ blue. You might like a piece I posted recently on my blog (a blog not as pointedly political) called My Invitation to Ann Romney for a Rich Bitch Intervention. http://writingisle2isle.wordpress.com/2012/07/20/my-invitation-to-ann-romney-for-a-rich-bitch-intervention/
    Keep the faith.

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