Former GOP Senator Claims Lack of Bravery Caused Mass Killings

Former Arizona Senator Russell Pearce is claiming that the cause of the Aurora massacre wasn’t the lax gun laws, it was because there wasn’t a (they misspelled courageous) “Courages/Brave man prepared mentally or otherwise to stop this.” Let me rephrase for him…..the men who were at the movie ALL lacked the guts to stop him…that’s what he meant to say, in code of course. There is a reason this guy is “former” state Senator. He was the genius (dripping with sarcasm here) who co-wrote the Arizona anti-immigration law. Here is his facebook post in its entirety.  

This, of course, has since been deleted and he has now attempted to retract his remarks and instead say it actually WAS solely the gun laws that caused this. I have a screen shot of the now revised facebook post, but I have no intention of giving this guy an outlet to try to cover his ass for the vile things he insinuated. I am livid that he would use a tragedy like this and spin it to protect lax gun laws and the reason for these unenforced laws, the firearm cartel NRA who owns our elected officials in both parties.  

Also, while Cinemark does have a no firearms policy, the chance that someone sitting in a dark theater who suddenly faces an armed to the teeth predator wearing protective gear from head to toe and using tear gas while simultaneously opening fire on a packed theater could react in a way to bring this guy down is nil. Law enforcement responded WITHIN 90 SECONDS and in that short amount of time he murdered and/or injured 70+ people ?!?!  

Just a FYI: The NRA has chosen to hold rallies in cities immediately following multiple mass killings, i.e., Columbine, CO, Flint, MI, Virginia Tech, Tuscon, AZ, just to name a few, and that is just the short list!  

Aurora, you are our heroes and you’re in our prayers!!! 


One response to “Former GOP Senator Claims Lack of Bravery Caused Mass Killings

  1. Such drivel is all one can expect from the lackeys of the gun industry

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