Romney Responds to NAACP Booing: If “They” Want Free Stuff….Vote For The Other Guy

I wrote a post yesterday about the reception Romney received at the NAACP convention yesterday. Needless to say, he failed to make any progress in his effort to gain support from the African-American community. In fact, there are some political pundits who believe his true intention for speaking at the convention was not to gain support but in fact to shore up the Republican base by going there to incite the attendees. 

Rachel Maddow made note on her show last night that “it was pretty obvious Romney wanted to get booed and he’s not wasting any time showing us why. He’s all ready with the race baiting right out of the gate.”

Later in the day Romney responded to being booed at a fundraiser in Hamilton, Montana.  

Remind them of this, if they want more free stuff from the government tell them to go vote for the other guy — more free stuff. But don’t forget nothing is really free.

 I guess we don’t really need to guess who “them” are.  Also, I am wondering if he even cares anymore about getting African-American support.

2 responses to “Romney Responds to NAACP Booing: If “They” Want Free Stuff….Vote For The Other Guy

  1. “If “They” Want Free Stuff….Vote For The Other Guy”

    Of course had this been an audience of Wall Street financiers this would have been re-phrased “If you Want Free Stuff….Vote For Me.”

    • 🙂 — I know. Wall Street and the wealthy are the biggest recipients of “free stuff,” otherwise, known as corporate wealthfare. I guess, according to Republicans point of view, tax loopholes, tax rate of 15% on capital dividends, which is their primary source of income, and tax subsidies don’t count as “free stuff.”

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