Right-Wingers Who Believe Obama Killed Breitbart

Here for some comic relief — the Tea Party.  Just when you thought the right-wing couldn’t get more crazy, here comes this.  The never surprising Tea Party members are speculating that President Obama had something to do with Andrew Breitbart’s death believing that the President was “afraid” of new information he was reportedly getting ready to release. 

Thanks to Buzz Feed, they have compiled a list of some off-the-rocker tweets from people who believe Obama took time away from dealing with things like the wars, Israel, Iran and the Middle East, the jobs crisis, etc, to take out their favorite right-wing nut.  See the entire list here.     

4 responses to “Right-Wingers Who Believe Obama Killed Breitbart

  1. And the Right wants to reduce health care assistance that keeps such people on their medications. This is what happens when they fail to take their psychotropic Rx.

  2. Sometimes I wonder if outrageous, stupid, paranoid, nutso statements like these aren’t part of a giant Candid Camera gig to catch everyone’s open-mouthed reactions.

  3. I thought hate was not a family value….seems like a lot of those who think others are hateful have some pretty hateful comments to make here. I thought this was a free country and that one’s choice was their’s to make…does that only apply to choices that others think are right? because that’s how it looks on this blog. Though I’m not a “tea bagger” I think these people only want us to return to our constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms…what’s wrong with that???? As a lawyer, I’m absolutely terrified for what’s happening to our government and our freedoms. People, open your eyes. Its not red or blue, its us and we’re losing it – our country. Stop opposing people who ultimately want what you want – our freedom. If you fight for your freedom, don’t oppose those who fight for their’s and wake up and recognize when people you don’t agree with are actually getting your back by what they are striving for.

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