Fox Business Shouted Down After OWS Returned To Zuccotti Park

Adam Shapiro of Fox Business attempted another live report from Zuccotti Park last night after protesters were allowed back into the park.  He was greeted with chants of “Fox News Lies” and was forced to cut short his report. 

It is amazing to me that they expect to be treated cordially after they have spent the last few months belittling and demeaning OWS.  Every show on Fox including Gretchen Carlson, Steve Doocey, Brian Kilmeade, Megyn, Cavuto, Eric Bolling, Brett Baier panel, Billo, Hannity, and Greta have spent a significant amount of time on their shows showing complete disdain of OWS. 

Let us not forget how praise worthy they felt the Tea Party Movement was.  One thing Fox News does do well is hypocrisy.

Action. Reaction. Everything that you do initiates a chain of cause and effect.  

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