Occupy Wall Street Interrupts Bachmann Foreign Policy Speech

Occupy Wall Street managed to get into a speech held by Michele Bachmann in South Carolina. The speech, held on the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown, was focused on foreign policy.  

There were about 30 protesters present and they chanted the following:  

“You capitalize on dividing Americans, claiming that people that disagree with you are unpatriotic and you promote discrimination,” they said, according to a statement provided to Mount Pleasant Patch. “You parade as a grassroots candidate but your campaign is funded by Americans for Prosperity, a group that takes advantage of legalized money laundering.”  

“You cater to the 1 percent. You oppose paying hardworking Americans a living wage and refuse to promote realistic solutions to economic problems.” 

Mrs. Bachmann was then taken off the stage by police officers until the protest was over. They left the room chanting, “We are the 99 percent.”  Her response to the protestors was “Don’t you love the First Amendment?” 

I admit when OWS protesters first starting going to public events and disrupting them I had a positive view of it, but I am beginning to have mixed emotions on this strategy. 

On one hand it is their right to speak out and make their voices heard; however, when you look back to the Tea Party’s actions during the now infamous August 2009 town halls, it had the effect of portraying them in a negative light (and they didn’t need help in that department….the signs used at their rallies made that picture very clear).  

For me, it is important that OWS has intelligent, respectful, organized engagements when they do confront representatives and have a coherent message.

I guess we will see if this is a good thing or not.  The video from the protest is below for you to view. Decide for yourself if this path OWS is taking is a good idea or not.  Only time will tell.

2 responses to “Occupy Wall Street Interrupts Bachmann Foreign Policy Speech

  1. I wonder how this feels for those on the far right that were so pleased to see Tea Partiers disrupt Democratic Town Hall Meetings?

    • Republicans were thrilled – they stirred up the right wing with unfactual statements about AAC and then they touted how it was democracy in action.

      Funny thing though is when Republicans angered the public with passing Ryan’s budget that changed Medicare to a voucher program, a majority of them avoided doing town halls and if they did have one their constituents had to pay to attend or they did “coffee shop” meetings. My own republican rep chose to travel to South Korea during Easter recess and chose not to have a town hall at all during August recess.

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