Occupy Wall Street Mobile Clash With Police

I was surprised to come across multiple news articles in the past few days on the new OWS movement in my hometown of Mobile, AL. It has been wonderful to watch the coverage of OWS in the large cities, and now, although much less reported on, it has been gathering momentum in smaller cities across the country.  

To see it in Mobile though was a surprise. The south is very conservative and usually do not participate in movements like this. There are many reasons but one of the biggest is the saturation of hard right-wing pundits on talk radio and not so surprising Fox News. Unfortunately these right-wing pundits use their airwaves to spread disinformation, they play it loose with the facts and instead propagate hatred and intolerance and don’t go out of their way to have “fair and balanced” debate/discussions on issues and just focus on the most extreme right-wing viewpoints. 

OWS Mobile is a small group but it shows that maybe people are beginning to see through all of the right-wing rhetoric that infiltrates the airwaves and finally standing for some real change.  

Way to go Mobile!!


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