OWS: Conservatives Grasping At Straws — B. Maher’s New Rules

On his show last Friday Bill Maher’s sketch touches on why Republicans are completely out of touch with their newest description of OWS protesters in which they refer to them as hippies (amongst a long list of other derogatory terms). GOP should realize the 60s is long past and those people who “turned on, tuned in, and dropped out” are now retirees. Their desire to draw similarities to the 2 movements is way off.  

In the 60s the GOP watched the working class conservatives [Hard Hat Riots] riot against the hippy/students that were protesting against the Vietnam War, Kent State shooting, etc.  

The difference between then and now is that those working class ‘hard hats’ are actually joining the OWS protests. They are now amongst the 99% that have seen their monthly income stagnate or drop, their jobs go overseas, and over the last few decades have watched their union’s clout in politics slowly disappear. They, like millions of Americans, are now living a more desperate foot-to-mouth existence, and they are just as angry about it as the students and young people who sparked this revolution.  

Bill Maher, in his sarcastic, comedic way brings this point home and is very entertaining to watch. Enjoy! 

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