New Fox Poll — They Are Failing to Scare Their Viewers

Over the last decade, Fox News has been successful in their smear campaign against Democrats. Since the 2008 election, they have played the main role along with the GOP representatives to demonize Democrats and Obama and promote discourse in our country not seen in generations.

People of moderate views have been stunned to see the not-so-subtle race baiting techniques they have used the results of which could be seen in full view at the Tea Party rallies.  

Well Fox has just come out with a poll they themselves conducted from October 23rd to the 25th. It included 904 live telephone interviews with registered voters. I can only imagine that the news room at Fox was a bit surprised by the results.  

One of the answers they asked: What would your reaction be if [insert candidate here] were to become the next president? Possible answers: enthusiastic, pleased, neutral, displeased, and scared. The results showed that some people were a little frightened.  

  • Twenty-nine percent of those polled by Fox said they would be “scared” if Obama were re-elected.  
  • Twenty-one percent said the same about Texas Gov. Rick Perry, 18 for businessman Herman Cain and 14 for former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney. 
  • The surprising finding was that a combined 37 percent said they would be “enthusiastic” and “pleased” if the president were to get a second term, while Romney only saw 21 percent in that group, Cain 23 and Perry 17.  

Could it be that Fox is losing ground on its smear campaign against Obama? Now I am not going to be naïve about the significance of the results — after all it is just a single poll — but figuratively speaking, tearing down the brick wall that is Fox News starts with one brick and before you know it will come tumbling down.  

It is worth noting that negativity against Fox is growing at a remarkable level (to include News Corp), and with the loss of the importance of the Tea Party movement and their ability to dictate political discussion, Fox could be at the beginning of self destruction….one can only hope!


3 responses to “New Fox Poll — They Are Failing to Scare Their Viewers

  1. “Fox could be at the beginning of self destruction….one can only hope!”

    I wish I could share your hope Angela but I have learned that there will always be a base for the narrow-minded, hateful forces in this world. Their popularity ebbs and flows but it never goes away. We can hope though that this is an ebb period for them and the Tea Party

    • You are right…they will never go away. Where Fox/News Corp is concerned, my hope is the phone hacking scandel in Europe will spread over here and blunt the power Fox seems to have for conservatives. I don’t mind conservative commentary/conservative-leaning shows, however, for me it crosses the line when they use the airwaves to spread such hateful speech. If they dealt strictly with issues/facts, it would make for better, more civil political debate/discussion on the issues.

  2. Anyone who pays attention and believes Fox News….never mind..

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