Eric Cantor Cancels Speech on ‘Income Inequality’ When Told It Was Open To The Public

Yesterday House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) abruptly canceled his speech on income inequality at the Wharton School of Business at University of Pennsylvania. There is speculation that Cantor canceled his speech when his staff was told that it was not a private event as he was expecting but was in fact open to the public (it’s likely that he was afraid of facing a hostile audience at a public event).  

Several local community groups including Occupy Philly, Americans United for Change, Philadelphia AFL-CIO, Fight for Philly, SEIU PA State Council, Protect Your Care, Keystone Progress,, NCPSSM, Progress Now, and AFSCME were set to protest. Since Cantor ended up canceling the event on such short notice they decided to rally without his presence. Hundreds of protesters marched into the Wharton School and chanted, “Eric Cantor You Can’t Hid, Eric Cantor We’re Inside!” 

6 responses to “Eric Cantor Cancels Speech on ‘Income Inequality’ When Told It Was Open To The Public

  1. Really! The guy ought to be tarred and feathered but it would only match the chicken feathers he must be wearing after this.

    • I was talking to a friend back in Mobile (a devoted conservative) and they know nothing about this (or the other unmentionables)…OMG. Need I mention that she is a sole FOX viewer.

  2. He needs to spray some Raid on his shoes so that the ants don’t crawl up to his candy ass.

  3. Cantor can dish it out, but another one of those who can’t take it. Just goes to show who his true audience is, the Tea Party loons, and the mega corporations.

  4. Amelia Starker Wade Mai

    Cantor, I hope he doesn’t show his big face again – if you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen. I have not seen the article about Canton – but thanks for keeping me informed.

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