Koch Brothers “Man Up” — They Are Called Out For Intimidation

The last segment of Maddow’s show last night was devoted to a recent effort by the Koch brothers (the people who fund the Tea Party) to intimidate her staff in response to posting of an article on the number of jobs Koch Industries has open right now and comparing their job openings with the number of people currently unemployed. 

The video of that segment is below for you to watch, and I encourage you to because she truly stands up these billionaire titans of industry…the little guy standing up to these thugs who use their wealth to buy our politicians and their votes. 

Here are few facts about Koch Industries that Rachel mentioned: 

  • Koch Industries is the 2nd largest privately held company in the country founded by Fred Koch, the daddy of Charles and David Koch.  
  • Koch brothers are richer than Warren Buffet. They have fired thousands of Koch Industries employees as the brothers have gotten more and more rich.  

    In 2007 Koch net worth was $34 billion and employed 80,000.  
    Now in 2011 Koch net worth is $50 billion and they employ 67,000.  

  • Koch brothers fund Republicans as well as the “Astroturf Tea Party”. All the funding for Americans for Prosperity who is the driving force behind the Tea Party is Koch brother money.  
  • Koch Industries operate in 60 countries. Recently it was discovered they were doing business illegally with Iran.  
  • When the Democrats passed the first stimulus in 2009 for job creation, The Koch funded Americans for Prosperity ran ads attacking Democrats who voted for this stimulus, and when the money started going to the states to promote job creation, Americans for Prosperity demanded that local governments reject this money — in essence do not do anything to help the economy. 

Rachel went on the attack and here is a transcript of parts of what she said. Watch the video for the full segment:  

If I had become billions and billions and billions of dollars richer while firing thousands and thousands and thousands of Americans from their jobs and then I had decided to spend multi-million dollar chunks of my fortune trying to make sure that teachers and firefighters would get laid off and stayed laid off, if I was that kind of guy. If I was the kind of guy who minted gold dimes with my own head on them, if I was the kind of guy who wanted to take money out of my pocket and see my own face looking back at me from the money……[they did this when running a Koch brother was running for VP in the 80s]……but even I was the kind of guy who minted myself onto coins, even if I was that kind of billionaire, I still could not imagine using my multi-billion dollar oil and chemical conglomerate to take shots……    

Your right Republicans…there is class warfare but you are instigating the war…you and your billionaire handlers. Rachel calls them out and I am thrilled that she is not backing down. 

I read a sign from one of the OWS protesters that read: They [Republicans] only call it class war when we fight back!”


2 responses to “Koch Brothers “Man Up” — They Are Called Out For Intimidation

  1. Intimidation, that’s what the Koch Brothers like to do. They have made bloggers, newspapers and others, retract, or take back what they wrote or said about them.
    It looks now that the brothers are getting a bit scared, with Occupy Wall Street, and Rachel speaking up, there is a need to step up to the plate, and tell the Kochs what we really think about them, and don’t back down.
    Rachel does have the balls to go after them, and she won’t back down.

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