FOX News’ John Stossel Confronted by Veteran at Occupy Wall Street

FOX News correspondent John Stossel was attempting to report at the site of Occupy Wall Street when he gets confronted by a Vietnam Veteran. The veteran tells Mr. Stossel “don’t say you support the troops because you support Wall Street.” It is a short clip that shows the growing animosity against News Corp and FOX News (maybe they should rethink their strategy of trying to report from the OWS—they can tell lies about OWS without actually being there). If you haven’t come across the clip already, you might want to check out the previous post Marines Join Occupy Wall Street in which one marine addresses FOX News’ coverage and  description of the protesters. 


7 responses to “FOX News’ John Stossel Confronted by Veteran at Occupy Wall Street

  1. I really hate to see these kind of brow-beating confrontations. I’m no Stossel fan but he doesn’t come away as the bad guy here for getting shouted down by someone that doesn’t even give him an opportunity to make a statement.

    This is the gist of our problem today – people cannot have a free-exchange of words without someone interjecting hostility and hyperbole.

    • I agree with you in part. We do need to have more civility in our discussions, however, I believe that the vile rhetoric Fox News uses, the fact that it is so over the top and abusive, it has the result of people using that same rhetoric when confronting their corresponents. I firmly believe if their news organization was more diplomatic, less divisive, they would not have this problem.

      If you have seen any of the coverage Fox has on reporting OWS, they describe the people taking part as mobs, smelly hippies, nazis, socialists, marxist, idiots, uneducated, or trouble makers.and saying they are having sex in open, handing out condoms, using drugs, etc. This kind of inflammatory language will result in hostile interactions.

      “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

      • I agree with you Angela on Fox News’s rhetoric. In fairness, it is no different than CNN, MSNBC and other liberal media outlets rhetoric of the Tea Party.

  2. What is happening on Wall Street, and Zuccotti Park, is all black and white. From the videos I have seen and the reports I have read, is no way near a mob mentality, people having sex. What Fox does, is just make up shit, reporting that they saw this happening, and that happening, when all it is ginned up nonsense.

    Sorry, Fox News is not a news outlet with any credibility what so ever. And the sad part of it is, is that CNN is evolving into another Fox wanna be. Sad.

  3. FoxNews is pure 100% Right Wing Propaganda and deserves zero respect. And Stossel deserves zero respect too. They should be shut down

  4. President Obama tried to make a case against Fox News early on in his Presidency and no one backed him up… in fact every single news person and organization backed down. It almost seemed like they were afraid of getting on their bad side. The President thought, and for good reason that the people thought that Fox News was an arm of the Republican Party (which it is) but nobody came forward to get his back because the s**t had yet to really hit the fan financially… that’s the problem with this country in a nutshell. No one stands up until they are personally affected. Hopefully OWS is the start of the people getting personally involved and pushing ahead to finally get our elected officials to finally do OUR bidding, not that of the lobbyists…. if it were me, I would make lobbying illegal, it’s nothing more than a bribe, and it’s KILLED OUR COUNTRY. OWS will have a far reaching effect, but don’t plan on FOX, the Republicans and the Lobbyists to lay down… the lies are already in full swing.

    • My hope is the momentum OWS has started will grow and grow and grow and run the GOP out of office. Then our next hurdle will be election reform and totally get corporate/private wealthy funding of our elections and make it a federally funded election system. Our politicians on both sides are bought and paid for.

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