Koch Industries Caught in Illegal Iran Scandal

The Koch brothers who among other things is responsible for funding the Tea Party movement (along with Karl Rove, founder of American Crossroads) has been caught paying bribes to win contracts, engaging in possible illegal trade with Iran, price fixing, and ignoring environmental regulations. 

The report in Bloomberg Markets also discovered Koch Industries documents admitting that they had violated federal law. “It’s a document right there on the record, right out of the lips of Koch Industries,” Bloomberg Markets reporter David Evans told ABC News. “I think there are enough of these payments that I think any prosecutor would want to look further,” Columbia University Law School professor John Coffee explained. The video below is a report on this scandal by ABC News during which the reporter confronts David Koch coming out of his Park Avenue apartment. 

I would love to have seen a much more in-your-face confrontation, but it does show him quickly being escorted into his SUV avoiding the report’s questions. In my neck of the woods, they call this “the chickens coming home to roost.” I’m not going to get my hopes up for any real justice here since the power of the Koch brothers goes up to the highest levels of our government and governments around the world. 


3 responses to “Koch Industries Caught in Illegal Iran Scandal

  1. Their father Fred, along with George Prescott Bush and others was doing similar things back in the 30s. When FDR was president, he put a stop to their bullshit. Also they are the founders of the John Birch Society. Like I said before, Fred Koch taught his sons well into screwing around with the people, governments, etc., etc.

    • I had no idea they founded the Birch Society. It used to shunned by mainstrem Republicans, but since the emergence of the Tea Party, the Birch Society has found a new following.

      • Look it up in Wikipedia / Fred Koch. Also the Koch Brothers too.
        The brothers are known to have Congessional subpoenas squashed, court appearances suddenly disappear, so on, and so forth. They belong in a hard core prison, for life.

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