Marines Join Occupy Wall Street

FOX’s Sean Hannity recently interviewed someone participating at the Occupy Wall Street movement and called her “Unamerican.”  FOX News and Republicans have referred to people participating in the movement as smelly hippies, nazis, socialists, marxist, idiots, uneducated, or trouble makers.  Well two marines who have fought for our country were interviewed down at the site of Occupy Wall Street and here is their response. 

5 responses to “Marines Join Occupy Wall Street

  1. The Marines responses was great, and would like to see more people call out Fox News.

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  3. I understand how angry you guys must feel about the unfair treatment of the 99%. I was very dissappointed to hear the vulgar comments that were used in the Hannity Tape you had on this site. It embarrassed me to be alligned with you when I heard your comments. Hannity does a perfect job of sounding uniformed and crude, he needs no help from you. I like the idea of this site but you need to sound smarter so that the movement keeps a respectable image.

    • This is not anger. The fact that your first impression is anger astonishes me. This is in response to seeing such maligned speech from a so called news organization. When a person/group of people call out the kind of speech, the disparaging adjectives used to describe a movement which is nothing more than an effort to discredit them and their voices, this is what happens. We call out their hipocrisy.

      but you need to sound smarter so

      Finally, I must thank you for the insult. When the other side starts lashing out with insults, it is a sign that they have no argument. The last resort for a losing argument is to minimize or attempt to discredit them….taken out of the playbook from the right.

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