FOX News Chased Out of Occupy Wall Street

Democracy is beautiful.  Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera faced a hostile crowd over the weekend at the Occupy Wall Street protest.  He was unable to report because of the chanting “Fox News Lies” and he and his news team ended up packing up and leaving.  Can I just say…..Oh Yeah! 

3 responses to “FOX News Chased Out of Occupy Wall Street

  1. Geraldo was not forced to leave. His entire one hour show aired from the site and when it was over he left–after signing autographs and posing for pictures with the demonstrators. Next time don’t use a doctored video tape as your ‘proof’.

    • It is clear this video is not “doctored.” It has been verified to be authentic.

      Geraldo Rivera went down to Zucotti Park in New York City, the center of the Occupy Wall Street protests, where he was greeted by loud chants from the crowd of “Fox News lies.” Rivera was interviewing professor Cornell West and pundit Tavis Smiley, along with Fox Business’ Charles Payne, from the park, but his voice was almost drowned out by the crowd’s chants at times.

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