Would an Economic Collapse Benefit the GOP?

My answer is yes and I will tell you why. Over the last two years leading up to the 2010 election, their main complaint (meaning GOP and the Tea Party) has been government is too big. The only way to grow the economy is to get rid of government waste, i.e., Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and funding for things like education. 

In my previous posts I have written about their plan on how to do this, which is called Starve the Beast. They want to create such an economic disaster through cutting of taxes personal and corporate so low that the economy can’t continue on its present course.

They have been very successful in their goal. Through the last decade, which began with a surplus, they cut taxes on the wealthy, slashed corporate tax rates to the point some are paying net negative (actually receiving refunds from the IRS), instituted Medicare Part D that was unfunded and was a huge give away to big PhRMA, on top of fighting 2 wars that were not paid for. 

Judging by Republicans actions in the last few weeks over the debt ceiling debate, it is my belief that they feel they would benefit by pushing talks to the last minute and creating turmoil in our financial system, which would result in rising interest rates on America’s debt.

This would put our economy in such a bind that it would create a scenario where our government could no longer continue Social Security payments, Medicare and Medicaid benefits, and cause already financially burden local municipalities who are already dependent on government subsidies to collapse and default on pension payments for retired government workers (which has already occurred in some areas that were already struggling). 

I wonder if this scenario does come to pass, would the Tea Party followers and social conservatives finally get it. When their parents are no longer able to reside in their own homes because of lack of government benefits or no longer have access to vital healthcare or be eligible to go to residential facilities or nursing homes, will it finally sink in who Republicans really work for?

2 responses to “Would an Economic Collapse Benefit the GOP?

  1. Oh, Angela…

    I’ll start by agreeing with you that the Republicans spent a ridiculous amount of money without flinching and now they a calling for spending cuts, which I personally don’t believe they are too serious about.

    To respond to the title, I’d say I don’t know, but an economic collapse would certainly help the Republicans, just as the financial crisis helped Obama and the Democrats. I think both parties can be sinister when it comes to taking advantage of crises. I’m not defending the Republicans here as I have not been satisfied with them, but the cutthroat political games are not unique to one party.

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