Democrats And Their Inability To Circle The Wagons

I want to start off by saying I am so disappointed with Anthony Weiner (actually with all these representatives who can’t both literally and figuratively speaking keep their pants on). He was truly one of our( liberal) best representatives. He was not shy about calling out the Grand ‘Ol Party’s hypocrisy.

He was a voice for the middle and lower classes, the Americans that do not have a voice in our politics. At a time when the power and influence on our politics/politicians is shifting so sharply and swiftly to corporations and the elites, we are in need of a voice like his.

I am absolutely stunned that he would make such a huge mistake like this, but I am more stunned at my party’s response to it and their willingness to throw him away. Lets keep in mind, he was not Vitter who paid hookers for sex or Ensign who had an affair with a member of his staff whose entire family was dependent on him for their income or Craig, (remember he’s the guy with the “wide stance”)who was vocal about his opposition to homosexuality and gay marriage while frequenting an airport bathroom that was being investigated for complaints of lewd acts. What was he guilty of, extremely poor judgment and then trying to cover his mistakes by a week of lying to America and his constituents. 

That being said, the Democrats should not have come out for his resignation. He does not work for them. He works for his constituents in Brooklyn, and they made their views loud and clear, they wanted him to continue to represent them.

Weiner’s fellow Democrats had every right to come out and voice their disappointment and disgust at his actions, but they do not get to choose our representatives…his constituents do. He did not break any law. He at least deserved to serve out his term in Congress and then allow his constituents to decide if his actions are enough to not re-elect him, not his fellow congressional democrats.

Nancy Pelosi, et al, you should be ashamed!


4 responses to “Democrats And Their Inability To Circle The Wagons

  1. This is pretty typical of party politics. When a member of either party is up to shenanigans like this, the associated leadership often asks for their resignation. They do this to protect their party brand and “integrity.”

    I personally didn’t have much of a vested interest in what the outcome would be, but I followed the story. I just couldn’t look away.

  2. I agree with you for democrats but not republicans. Examples include Ensign of Nevada who just recently resigned his Senate seat but it took a year for his scandal to play out before he resigned and before anyone republican called for him to.

    The ex-GOP governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, and his fictitious trip to the App. Trail. The one L.Gov who called him to resign was lambasted by his fellow GOP.

    Larry Craig they defended.

    David Vitter who is still a sitting Senator broke the law by using prostitutes.

    I could go on and on but you get my drift. Democrats need to learn some loyalty.

  3. Amelia Starker Wade Mai

    I believe his wife is going to fill the vacancy – you know she is good friends with Hillary. Maybe she will do an even greater job for the middle and poor than he did. – lets hope.

    • You are right. She actually works with Hillary. I would have to disagree with the prospect of her taking his place though. Usually that only happens when a representative passes away. Then the spouse would serve out that person’s remaining term. I think he will ultimately get a news/commentary show.

      Great comment!

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