What’s Next On GOP Agenda, That Pesky Disaster Aid Thing

All you people living in hurricane, tornado, or earthquake-prone areas or your area suffers from an act of terrorism, hope you’re not counting on federal, state, or local government to come to your aid when a disaster strikes your town. The GOP’s new plan to curb “big-government spending” is to declare that disasters will no longer be considered “emergencies.”

If GOP gets their way, when a disaster occurs, before money can be sent to state and local governments to help with relief efforts, you know those little things like searching for the missing or community clean up or providing for people left homeless, the federal government would be required to off-set the money needed by cutting money from other places in the federal government, i.e., education, Medicare and Social Security, etc.

GOP tried to do this when hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit Louisiana and Mississippi but at that time there were still some level-headed conservative representatives who quickly shut this down. However, as has been very apparent since Obama was elected, all civility and common sense has left the GOP and has been taking over by the radical right, anti-government wing of the party.

In regards to the recent tornado’s in the midwest, a senator from my home state as well as Congressman Cantor responded to the reasoning behind this move.

“I appreciate more than most the damage and difficulties the people of Missouri are going through. I know there will be emergency funding for that,” Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions, who hails from tornado-damaged Alabama, said on the Senate floor Wednesday. “There is a legitimate question as to whether we ought to not find that emergency spending someplace in our budget where it can be recovered that is not so important.”

On Monday, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) made clear that offsets would be part of the discussion for any aid package in the wake of a tornado that killed more than 100 people in Missouri.

I have to wonder what is next on their list of big government programs to alter or just completely get rid of. Unfortunately, I can only imagine what their very cold hearts will cut next.

4 responses to “What’s Next On GOP Agenda, That Pesky Disaster Aid Thing

  1. John Chambless

    Now… now… now… A_____, where is your positive attitude? The Top 1-2% are making $$$’s hand/fist…. and Ryan/Cantor/Boehner controls the creation of spending bills till at least December 2012. Or the “Rapture” arrives?

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  3. John Chambless

    i do better one to one. 😉

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