GOP and Eric Cantor Using Missouri Disaster for Politics

Keith Olbermann is so well spoken and one of a few outstanding liberals calling out the hypocrisy of the Republicans. On Countdown via Current/FOK Olbermann addresses the most recent actions taken by republicans/Cantor who are using Missouri to further their own policies. Below is an excerpt I transcribed from the video. (FYI: Countdown premieres on June 20th 8/7 central). 

“If there is support for supplemental” Eric Cantor says, “it would be accompanied by having paid fors to the supplemental. Pay for is republican speak for budget cuts. Mangled bodies were still being pulled out of the wreckage where Joplin, Missouri used to be and Eric Cantor still had to, had to…turn it into a political stunt for his phony budget cutting meme. He exploited the dead, wounded, and homeless of a typical mid western American town to serve his endless pitch to economically enslave the people just like Joplin so that the rich people he serves can get just that much more rich.

3 responses to “GOP and Eric Cantor Using Missouri Disaster for Politics

  1. On Countdown via Current/FOK Olbermann addresses the most recent actions taken by republicans/Cantor who are using Missouri to further their own policies.

    One day I was gonna take my wife to a hotel/spa and resort. We were gonna take some much needed time away and make it a really luxurious stay. We thought 3 nights [ended up with 2] complete with golf, dinner, massages and dinner. We were really excited.

    Then the water heater broke. And water leaked all over creation; water heaters are in the attic in North Carolina – WTF!?!? We did what we had to do in the face of a catastrophe. We addressed the problem, assessed the costs and paid the bill. It was large enough that we had to re-evaluate the budget. The criticality of the crisis demanded that we pay for the repairs. But that meant we had to CUT spending somewhere else; we had to sacrifice something else.

    Guess what we didn’t do. We didn’t cut:

    – Kids education.
    – Clothing for the coming winter.
    – Food for the young and helpless in our home.
    – Heat for our house.

    You get the point. Faced with a finite amount of money and a line item that could only be categorized as “luxury”, we cut the resort.

    Water heater doesn’t break — we spend the money and come back happier than we left. Crisis hits? We sacrifice. Willingly. Not happily, but willingly. And we sacrifice the LEAST critical budget item.

    Democrats don’t wanna sacrifice. And when forced to do so, they scream that we are cutting teachers, and heating assistance and other most IMPORTANT stuff.

    No one lives like that. And we shouldn’t govern like that either.

    P.S. Great news. We have since saved enough money we get to go to the resort in 2 months!

  2. John Chambless

    The solution…? @YouGottaVote!

  3. wow – now that’s what i call a good article. keep up the work

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