How Is GOP’s “Starve The Beast” Strategy Working So Well

This clip in total is about 11 minutes.  Beginning at 2:08 Lawrence O’Donnell explains what/why this strategy of Starve The Beast is working, and I believe it is well worth the time to watch.  It has motivated me and I hope will do the same for you. 

If you want a Medicare system in place when you reach retirement as well as for future generations, you will watch this and copy this clip and pass it on.


6 responses to “How Is GOP’s “Starve The Beast” Strategy Working So Well

  1. Teresa Roguski

    Your YouTube account is closed! Where can we see the video?

  2. Teresa Roguski

    Correction: the uploader’s account has been closed. Is the video available anywhere else?

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  4. The only hope now is for the beast to bite off more than it can chew and let it choke to death.

    • The only way we can stop this is by we all vote en masse to stop the GOP because they have the billionaires on their side who want more than anything to pay as little tax as possible and do away with our social safety net

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