The Billionaire/Corporate-Funded Republicans

It was found out back in September 2010, per FEC filings, Karl Rove’s American Crossroads was funded virtually all by billionaires, which they turned around and spent on attack ads against Democrats. In August 2010 they raised $2,639,052 and $2.4 million (91%) came from three billionaires.

Trevor Rees-Jones, president of Dallas-based Chief Oil and Gas, Robert Rowling, CEO of the company TRT Holdings, and Carl Linder who owns American Financial Group. Jerry Perenchio of Bel Air. He’s worth $2.1 billion, which was made off the sale of TV station Univision. He was co-chair of John McCain’s national finance committee.

The partner of American Crossroads, American Crossroads GPS, who because of the way they are organized, do not have to disclose donors. They told Politico that they are raising millions of dollars but we will probably never know from who. Now that SCOTUS ruled in favor of corporations in their decision in the Citizen’s United case, the issue of secret donors will be exacerbated.

The power of corporations in our country is astounding. We are quickly losing control of our own government and it is being taken over by corporations. Our representatives are being bought and paid for by these billionaires and corporations. The Tea Party supporters and the lower/middle class Republicans need to get a clue and realize this before it is too late.

If the billionaire-funded GOP have their way, we will be living in a country where corporations can do business with as little regulation as possible and events like the Gulf Oil Spill and the 2008 Wall Street meltdown will become common occurences.

We don’t need to look any further than China and India. They have some of the most polluted cities on the earth, and this is because corporations can operate in a regulation-free environment. They can conduct business without any regulations to protect their workers and provide safe working environment or provide living wage salaries.

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