Paul Ryan’s Proposed Budget Cuts


A breakdown of the budget proposal cuts by House Budget Chief Paul Ryan’s (R-WI). There are across the board cuts to government services, and he proposes cutting taxes by 10% for both corporations and high income earners.

  • Cut top income earners’ tax rate from 35 to 25%.
  • Cut corporate tax rate from 35 to 25%.
  • Medicare system would be ended and replaced with a voucher program starting in 2022. This means seniors would be given a “coupon” and forced to buy insurance on the open market.
  • Eliminate the health care law that was recently passed.
  • The Medicaid and SNAP (food stamp) program’s money would go to the states in the form of grants instead of funds going directly to individuals.
  • Cuts Pell grants to 2008 levels.
  • Cuts “hundreds of government programs that have outlived their usefulness”.
  • Freeze pay for federal workers for five years.
  • Cut 10% of federal workers over three years.
  • Extend the Bush era tax cuts.

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