>GOP Wants to Break Unions

>Unions are the last line of defense for public and private workers. Membership numbers have dwindled over the years but their influence in our politics have not. They protect employees from abuse by corporations and government. If GOP get their way, America’s working class will be at the mercy of their employers and/or government.

The reason is clear, unions by in large support the Democratic party. If they are busted and taken out of our political system, then corporations will run our government unchecked. President Harold A. Schaitberger of the International Association of Fire Fighters told The Hill.

“This is all happening in a very coordinated way to kill off our unions and to deny workers the opportunity to have some say in their careers. They are trying to take us down.”

This is all being done because of a fiscal crisis caused by Wall Street and corporations and the need to balance state budgets. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka’s response to actions taken in Wisconsin.

“This isn’t about balancing the budget. This is about making political choices. This is about hurting workers. This is about taking away their rights.”

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