>Funding: Democrats vs Republicans

>Since the 2010 election, Republicans have been going after unions and democratic-supported non-profits, and the reason is crystal clear, funding. Historically Democrats have been exclusively supported by unions and non-profits that serve the middle and lower class while Republicans are funded by corporations and the very wealthy.

Kevin Drum recently wrote an article about the decline of labor unions as a political force.

—that if we don’t want inequality and corporate/Wall Street rapacity to get out of hand, we have to find something to replace unions as a mass political force advocating for the interests of the middle class—

Over the last several decades, as the amount of employees who are actually members of unions have declined, the Democratics have had to look more to corporations and the wealthy to make up for the loss of union funding, and anytime a political party gets donations there are definitely strings attached.

If we don’t come up with other ways to back the Democrats, who historically have worked to benefit the working class, we could lose both parties to corporations.


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