Class Warfare

As I watched what happened last night in Wisconsin, the way the GOP passed their union busting bill, I kept thinking middle class workers are being forced to carry the burden of the Wall Street financial crisis of 2008. After all, the budgets of every state, their deficits, the federal deficit, were all brought on by Wall Street banks, not by unions. The GOP are treating the teachers, nurses, police, firefighters like they were the ones who caused these deficits.

This is occurring after Wall Street banks just posted their 5th biggest bonus payout in history for year 2010. These people who caused all of this are even more rich and the corporations are bigger than ever and these top earners in our society pay the least in taxes. These same people received tax payer bail outs by the Bush administration without strings attached, 0% interest loans, and yet unions are being attacked in order to pay for all of this.

I wonder if the middle class Republicans get this. How many more rights have to be taken away, how low does their pay need to get, how much of their Social Security/Medicare benefits have to be cut by GOP before the Tea Party/middle class Republicans realize they are voting against their own best interest. It is not about gay marriage, abortion rights, all these social issues the GOP love to use. It is class warfare. I hope these Republicans open their eyes before it is too late.


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